Solidarity & Governance

  • Fostering National Solidarity and Reconciliation
  • Promoting Meritocracy and Good Management
  • Decentralizing Control over Provincial Admin
  • Building a Lawful, Responsible and Strong State

Sanctions & Enrichment 

  • Recasting Iran’s International Role
  • Removing Sanctions and War Threats
  • Resolving Dispute over Nuclear Program
  • Preserving Iran’s International Rights

Employment & Income

  • Fostering Rapid Economic Growth
  • Creating Jobs and Providing Job Security
  • Increasing Incomes and Reducing Poverty
  • Recasting Tax Burden and Fiscal Policy

Inflation & Currency

  • Controlling Prices and Stabilizing Rial
  • Diversifying Sources of Foreign Exchange
  • Protecting Central Bank’s Independence
  • Adopting Responsible Monetary Policy

Industry & Technology

  • Stimulating Industries, R&D and Productivity
  • Promoting Exports and Foreign Investments
  • Reconnecting Expatriates to the Homeland
  • Promoting a Knowledge-Based Economy

Social Services & Justice

  • Preserving Environment and Reducing Pollution
  • Developing Well-Balanced Settlement Systems
  • Building Infrastructure and Info Superhighways
  • Integrating Political and Economic Geographies

Social Pathology & Crime 

  • Eliminating Corruption, Discrimination and Nepotism
  • Eradicating Drug Trafficking & Youth Addiction
  • Promoting Social Capital and Responsible Citizenship
  • Promoting Equal and Achievable Opportunities

Culture & Community

  • Promoting Spirituality and Respect for Privacy
  • Protecting and Promoting National Heritage
  • Promoting a Culture of Peace, Tolerance and Respect
  • Fostering a Culture of Gradual and Managed Change